Charlie Daniel Entered into Congressional Record

Senator Lamar Alexander (R – Tennessee) honored editorial cartoonist Charlie Daniel by reading a tribute to him into the Congressional Record today.

As reported by the Knoxville News-Sentinel:

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Knoxville, spoke on the Senate floor Tuesday about longtime News Sentinel cartoonist Charlie Daniel.

“For over six decades, Charlie’s drawings have been the first thing that I and many others have looked for in the newspaper,” Alexander said. “And it’s going to be harder to start each day without the humor and the touch of Charlie Daniel.”


From Senator Alexander’s .gov page:

“Charlie’s drawings are well-known in Tennessee and across the country, and his contributions have been recognized for decades. Former governor and mayor, Bill Haslam, has said, ‘As long as I can remember, Charlie has been making us laugh and think.’ Former Senate majority leader, Howard Baker Jr., said Charlie was ‘the personification of civilized relevant humor.’ And former Knoxville mayor and ambassador to Poland, Victor Ashe, has said, ‘Charlie Daniel has been an icon and institution across the country.’”

Both the above link to Sen. Alexander’s 5 minute tribute, or go directly to the speech via YouTube.