Comic Strip News Nuggets


New Dick Tracy (comic book)

Comic List quotes the press release:

IDW Publishing is proud to announce the perfect pairing of acclaimed writer/artist Michael Avon Oeming and pop culture’s enduring icon of law and order in Dick Tracy Forever, a four-issue miniseries debuting in April.

“Michael Avon Oeming’s award-winning work in crime comics makes him the perfect creator to tackle one of the greatest crime-busters of all time.”


The current Dick Tracy comic strip plot line includes the caricature J. Straightedge Trustworthy.



Hector Cantu Interview

Dallas radio station KERA interviews Hector Cantu regarding Baldo, his “newspaper comic strip about a Latino teenager who loves cars, flirting with girls and his family.”

I will say that I do try to write stories that I think our characters would experience in real life. That’s what’s gonna set us apart from the other comic strips. I’m trying to write stories and present characters and situations that you’re not going to see in any other comic strip. I think that’s the real pressure. Just trying to create these unique little stories.



Memories of Mort

A year after Mort Walker‘s death, friend and neighbor John Newcomb remembers.

He was a straightforward sort — a devoted husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, and a devoted American patriot. His word was his bond. He met new people constantly and gave each person the benefit of the doubt. Each one was a friend until proven otherwise.



Alley Oop Revisits the 80s

Stephen Roth, for GoComics, reviews the last two weeks of the new Alley Oop and hints at what may be in the near future. Uh, the strip’s near future, Oop’s far future, our decades past – time travel is complicated.



Joseph Nebus’ Obsession

For some reason comics commentator Joseph Nebus has become haunted by the Graffiti feature.



Tea Fougner, King Features Editorial Director

above: Tea thanking cartoonists in 2014

Last year it was reported that Diana Smith had left King Features.
But I don’t think we ever mentioned the promotion of Tea Fougner to Editorial Director.

Editorial Director, Comics  King Features Syndicate, Inc. – Present



Why You Hate Comic Sans

When Vincent Connare invented the typeface Comic Sans in 1994, he never set out to offend anybody. The typographer designed it for some of the first Microsoft home computers: it was intended for the speech bubbles of an animated cartoon dog that would help people navigate the Microsoft Windows interface for the first time.

Emma Bryce, at Live Science, explains what went wrong.



A Hieronymus & Bosch Gallery by Paul Kirchner

Meet the medieval miscreant Hieronymus and his wooden duck Bosch. When Hieronymus commits yet another petty crime, things go badly wrong and both are catapulted into a cartoonish version of Hell. There, lakes are made of lava (or, more often, poop) and an army of mischievous spiky-tailed devils bully the inmates and play impish pranks. Despite many gag-filled attempts at escaping this literal hell, Hieronymus and Bosch always end up being the butt of their trident-wielding guards’ most humiliating and painful jokes.

Adult Swim has an archive.
Éditions Tanibis has the book.