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The above is making the rounds and ties in somewhat with part of today’s essay by Mike Peterson.
The original four panel strip can be read here.



Two comic strip cartoonists have been selected by the judges to be added to the Will Eisner Hall of Fame in 2019. Morrie Turner and Tarpé Mills will be inducted, while Lynn Johnston is among the short list to be voted on by Eisner voters. ICv2 has more.



Tomorrow’s comics today!
Above is an impressive panel by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, part of Sunday’s Zits comic strip.



GoComics celebrates 10 years of Last Kiss by John Lustig (and various).
Elsewhere John picks his top 10, with commentary.



As Mike Peterson mentioned yesterday polling is open for Tank McNamara’s Sports Jerk of the Year. Only one week left, deadline this year is January 26 – details are here.



The January 19, 2019 Off The Mark panel by Mark Parisi.

Three Newburyport pets have jumped from their three-dimensional, everyday world into a two-dimensional drawing that will print Saturday in newspapers across the globe in the international cartoon “Off the Mark,” created by Gloucester resident Mark Parisi.

Suzanne Cap of Newburyport and her family were thrilled to be the winners of a contest to have their pets drawn in an “Off the Mark” comic – which appears on page 13 of Saturday’s edition of Gloucester Daily Times. A few months ago, Cap had the winning bid on a silent auction item at the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society’s annual “Fur Ball Gala.” Parisi donated the item to have a local pet featured in a drawing he would design and bring to life.

A Gloucester Times article tells the story behind the panel.



Comic actress Mindy Kaling occasionally returns to her cartooning skills, here illustrating and lettering a meme from about a year ago. Mindy did a comic strip in college. Shouldn’t Mindy be considered for a National Cartoonists Society A.C.E. Award?



Recently comic artist Mike Vosburg appreciated the comic artistry of Hank Ketcham.



Comic strip and magazine and editorial cartoonists at a 1950 National Cartoonists Society gathering: