Comic Strip Cartoonists in the News


Lincoln Peirce is in the news with his new book Max and the MidKnights.
Publishers Weekly interviews Lincoln about the book and his Big Nate comic strip.

One topic brought up is what to call this not-prose, not graphic novel type of literature:

Despite your new book’s departure in setting and genre, the pages echo the look of the Big Nate novels, featuring a similar balance of words and pictures. How do you describe that format?

“Hybrid” is the word I usually use. The books I’ve written are not pure graphic novels, since they include text that is separate from the art. But they are also not illustrated books, in which an illustration would sit just as well on page 55 as it would on page 56. I like using a comics format that goes back and forth with the text—it’s a fun challenge to make them work together seamlessly. This is a format I like reading and I like creating. Again, hybrid says it best. When I visit schools and stores, I often see my books on the graphic novels shelf—and that’s fine with me. But in my own mind there is a distinction. I do love graphic novels, and someday I’d like to write a straight graphic novel.

More Lincoln, and his friendship with Wimpy Kid creator Jeff Kinney, at the (Attleboro, Mass.) Sun Chronicle and NBC News Center Maine has a six-minute video interview with the cartoonist.



In 1999 Jim Keefe featured Flash Gordon goading the President of the U. S. into action, and depicted the president. As the strip has been reprinted King Features and Keefe have altered one panel of the Sunday. Jim’s tells of the revision at his blog, including the first rejected Trump panel.



An update on the Jim Toomey (and Samantha Joye) animated series “The Adventures of Zack and Molly.” 

Toomey controls the visual aspects of the project while Joye is primarily in charge of pushing the content and the context of the scientific elements.

“I’m a cartoonist and I can write scripts and write funny lines and things, but I need scientists to keep me accurate,” Toomey said. “The fact checking is in the visuals as well — does this really look like an anglerfish and does this coral really exist in the Gulf of Mexico?”



Michael Cavna, at the Washington Post, reviews G.B.Trudeau‘s “#SAD!” Doonesbury book as one of the best of 2018.

The cartoonist renders the 45th president as unleashed id free of guilt, empathy or deep self-examination.

Here’s the review as carried by The (Bryan, Tx.) Eagle if you don’t want ot use a WashPost freebie.



Heritage Auctions has a very early Little Orphan Annie strip.

From the first month of publication, this daily actually marked exactly three weeks of Annie’s adventures and plights, making this the 19th daily in the series! And as an additional rare treat… it also features the seldom seen Mrs. Warbucks! (And ain’t she just a peach!)