Comic Strip Cartoonist Down in Hogan’s Alley


Next month is February and some publishers are preparing Valentine’s gifts for us.

The long awaited and always greatly anticipated Hogan’s Alley magazine is due in your local comic book shop on February 27, 2019. Tom Heintjes has generously shared the cover and contents page of issue #22 with comics fans.

An earlier gift is the new Hogan’s Alley website that is now up and running, chock full of excerpts from previous issues plus “web extras.” Their old cartoonician site remains open, though I don’t know for how long. going to have to load those pages into The Wayback Machine.



He’s not the only one!

Pirate Mike recently tweeted:

That’s my subscription list too. And making for an even lovelier February is the news Ski is sharing:

Coming out in February 2019.
Our long overdue issue #10!
Celebrating a retrospective of Comic Strip Cartoonist magazine.
Featuring an overview of each issue – a “What are they doing now” – cartoonists yearbook and more!

Information about Comic Strip Cartoonist magazine is here.

Looking forward to seeing both those magazines in my mailbox next month!



Of course that duet of magazines will (soon?) be joined by another.

The new NEMO!

NEMO, the Classic Comics Library was, and is, a highlight of comics history magazines. In anticipation of the return of the great magazine John Adcock has provided an index of the original run. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, it is pretty much a given with Richard Marshall and John Adcock at the helm the magazine will once again hit the heights.
More information as it becomes available.



That Nemo Annual reminds me…

that I am still anxiously awaiting Screwball, the Paul C. Tumey book.

This book has been delayed a couple times, most recently from March 2019 to April 2019.

We’ll see if Screwball beats Nemo to print.





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