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GoComics Most Popular Comic Strips of 2018


Thea Voutiritsas has gathered a list of the three most popular comic strips as sorted into four different categories. These are the favorites of readers who checked in at GoComcs during 2018.

24 years after the last new Calvin and Hobbes appeared
Bill Watterson‘s brilliant comic made it onto three of the four groups.

The four groupings are:

The Most Viewed Comic Strips of 2018

The Most Liked Comic Strips of 2018

The Most Commented Comic Strips of 2018

The Most Shared Comic Strips of 2018


Some others also made it onto more than one of the lists.


Check out Thea’s list here.


And you can always see What’s Trending at GoComics.






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#1 Stacy Curtis
@ 4:14 pm

What? No “Nancy”?

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