While Christmasing, This Happened


Got a little distracted the past week, so here’s some catching up.


Stone Soup Creator Jan Eliot Donates Collection to Ohio State’s Billy Ireland Library & Museum

Mentioned the beginning of this back in August, here’s the Billy Ireland news release:

The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum at the Ohio State University acquired cartoonist Jan Eliot’s collection of original art including dailies and Sundays of her beloved strip, Stone Soup, as well as her earlier comic strips Patience and Sarah and Sister City. This artwork joins Eliot’s collection of correspondence, contracts, scrapbooks, publicity materials already at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum.

Full statement here.




The National Cartoonists Society, Ed Steckley, and the USO

Presidents aren’t the only ones to visit troops overseas. Ed Steckley is featured in a WABC-TV segment about the NCS and the USO.




Ben Dewey on Finding Joy as a Cartoonist

I love comics as a form and the strip is this great distillation of the mechanics that make the media what it is. They don’t always work out but you don’t have to wait twenty-two pages to find that out. I wish I had more time to do more strips. I’ve got ten more Meowskertown uploads in process right now, and an idea book filled with dozens of others, but I gotta pay my mortgage! So far Meowskertown doesn’t pay enough to take a significant break from my regular schedule. Someday, maybe. For now, I’m really grateful for the folks who support that aspect of what I do via Patreon.

Here’s an interview with cartoonist Ben Dewey that mostly concerns his comic book work,
but it introduced me to Ben’s Meowskertown comic strip. So there’s that.




Joey Alison Sayers’ Union is Soliciting Donations of Promotional Material 

But she gets exposure.

Joey gets more Exposure in a half hour video interview with a distracting interviewer.
She does talk about the new Alley Oop coming next month!




Exclusive “NCS Icons” Enamel Pins

Hard enamel, black nickel plated, these limited edition pins are manufactured to the highest quality … and are only available through the National Cartoonists Society!

All proceeds go to support the NCS Foundation, the charitable arm of the National Cartoonists Society.

Check ’em out at NCS Fest site. And then click on the “news” to keep up with the upcoming NCS Fest.




The Best Comic Strip of 2018 is Nearly 100 Years Old

Nancy seems to be the only modern comic-strip character who understands that she’s largely being consumed on?—?and consumed by?—?the internet. What makes her so essential now is that she’s the last person alive, fictional or otherwise, who seems to be enjoying it.

More praise for the new Nancy, this time from The Ringer.




The Most Popular Cartoon Collections of 2018

“Let’s make a deal—if you don’t join the cigar trend, I won’t join the thong-bikini trend!”

Cartoons from the Saturday Evening Post.




“The Little Duck” – Disney’s Best Animated Short of 2018

And it’s a 75 second commercial for Disneyland Paris.