Cartoonists and Comics in the News


Cathy Guisewite remembers childhood, Christmas, and Midland Michigan.

The Midland Daily News interviews Cathy about her childhood Christmases, with a nice slideshow.

In a 180, Cathy has a new book coming out in Spring 2019 about her current view of life.




Howard Maier recalls his young adulthood.

The library recently opened a biographical file on Maier, including nearly 400 of his published works, many of those from the Sun Press when he “moonlighted” as a cartoonist in the 1970s.

On the occasion of entering The Billy Ireland Library and Museum collection Howard recalls his younger days working side by side with Bill Watterson and R. L. Stine at





Bleeding Cool spotlights some Abrams ComicArts books coming at the end of Winter,
including a couple this writer is looking forward to.




The Barbara Shermund Burial Fund

When Amanda Gormley, daughter of Barbara Shermund’s much younger half-sister, began researching her life in 2011, she tried desperately to find out where Shermund was buried so she could pay her respects. No gravesite could be identified. Finally, she contacted local funeral homes in the area of New Jersey where Shermund passed away, asking whether or not they had any information the location of Shermund’s remains. “She’s still here with us!” was the surprising reply she received from the John Pfleger Funeral Home. 35 years after her death and cremation, no one had ever even claimed her cremains.

A fundraiser has been opened on GoFundMe to bury Barbara Shermund’s remains.

Shermund’s mother, Fredda Cool, is buried in an unmarked grave in a cemetery near San Francisco. The cemetery has approved our plan to bury Shermund alongside her mother. The donations will cover reopening her mother’s grave, placing Barbara’s ashes in a permanent urn, laying her ashes in her mother’s plot, closing the grave and creating a name marker for both Barbara and her mother, as well as permits and fees. With your help, we can honor this pioneer feminist cartoonist’s life and as well as her death.




The Hated Comic Sans is Good for Your Writing!

Some are claiming that using Comic Sans improves your writing creativity and productivity.




End of the Road for Harley.

Dan Thompson has decided to end his Harley comic, December 17 was the last new strip.

Harley began showing up on Dan’s Facebook page in late 2016(?) resulting in cheers and applause. In March 2017 it became a regular comic at GoComics. Now Dan has selfishly decided that sleep is more important than us fans.

Dan continues to give us new Rip Haywire, Brevity, and KidSpot strips and panels daily, and with Harley joining Dan’s Lost Sheep in reruns I would guess that Dan remains the cartoonist with the most GoComics pages.