First and Last – Space Conquerors!


Boy’s Life began in 1911. The next year it was bought by, and became the official magazine of,
the Boy Scouts of America. Comics had been a part of the magazine from the beginning
but a particular energized period was the couple of decades when the comics section
was produced by Johnstone and Cushing ad agency art director Al Stenzel.


The Space Conquerors! comic strip ran from the September 1952 to the October 1972 issue, 20 years. Though a number of artists worked on the feature it was always credited to Al Stenzel.


The first Space Conquerors! strip from September 1952


Al was the writer and the artist at the beginning. Eventually others took on the art chores, including George Evans, Lou Fine, Alden McWilliams, Gray Morrow, among others.


The last Space Conquerors! strip from October 1972


As a service to comics lovers Henry Kujawa has presented the entire run.

Elsewhere Planettom has posted links to a majority of the Space Conquerors! strips by way of GoogleBooks. The bonus here is that you can scroll up and down to see the other Boy’s Life comic strips. The Tracy Twins by Dik Browne, Rocky Stoneaxe by Mal Eaton, Kit Carson, The Bible, PeeWee Harris, The Pedro Patrol, Scouts in Action, and many more.