Dave Whamond – Unreal Reality


A few decades ago Dave Whamond began his career as an editorial cartoonist for The Calgary Herald while still in college. Now he once again joins The Brotherhood of Editorial Cartoonists.

Daryl Cagle welcomes Dave “to Cagle.com and our syndication package.”

The Dave Whamond archive at Cagle Cartoons only has a dozen or so cartoons up at the moment,
but it is growing.


Dave is, of course, the cartoonist behind the Reality Check panel from Andrews McMeel Syndicate.


Dave is also an illustrator of note. Working for magazines and newspapers,


and commercial projects such as jigsaw puzzles,


and advertising accounts for long established companies.

Here is a fine slideshow of his illustrious work.


Dave also writes and draws books. 2018 has seen two of his books published:
the pantomime Rosie’s Glasses and the superhero-ish Nick the Sidekick.







updated Dec. 17 to correct Reality Check syndicate credit and an inadvertent panel.