Marshall Ramsey – Out One Door, In Another


Marshall Ramsey, who has garnered considerable attention this year with his double cartoon tributes of Barbara and George H. W. Bush, has left the Jackson Clarion Ledger (a Gannett newspaper).
Sez Marshall: “I’m leaving by my choice.”

Earlier today Marshall informed via Twitter:

Bit of person news: On December 16, 1996 I sat down at this drawing board and drew my first @clarionledger cartoon. Today, nearly 7,000 cartoons and 22 years later, I just finished my last one./1

It’s my last day at the Clarion Ledger. I am leaving many good friends behind — and I’m leaving by my choice. Yes, I am staying in Mississippi. And yes, you will continue to be able to see new cartoons. /2

For the past two decades, I’ve worked my dream job. Now, it’s time for a new dream. But I’ll miss this old drawing board. It served me well. 7/7



Among the messages was one about his future career.

Beginning January 2, 2019, I will be the Editor-at-Large at Mississippi Today. You will be able to see my cartoons on MS Today and you might even get to meet me as I travel the state interviewing newsmakers. It’s a positive move for my family.

Included was a link to a Mississippi Today item introducing Marshall to their team.

Mississippi Today is pleased to announce acclaimed editorial cartoonist and media personality Marshall Ramsey as Editor-at-Large.

Ramsey will join the nonpartisan, nonprofit news and media company on January 2, 2019, after twenty-two years as an editorial cartoonist for the Clarion Ledger.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Marshall Ramsey to Mississippi Today,” said founder Andy Lack. “ will be the new home for his renowned cartoons and sharp editorial insights.



Marshall will remain busy:

I will continue to draw three local cartoons a week and then three more cartoons for my syndicate, Creators Syndicate. I will also continue my radio show and TV show at MPB. Plus, I will travel, speak and write for @MSTODAYnews


The Clarion Ledger did allow Marshall to say goodby to his newspaper audience.
It is also online – unfortunately behind a paywall for me.

We wish Marshall a future of sharp pencils and soft brushes.