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American (and other) Cartoonists in Paris

Every year a big group of cartoonists from [the Cagle] syndicate meet up in France with cartoonists from around the world.

This year 23 CagleCartoonists were there.

Apparently Daryl Cagle is a modern day Bill Gaines, taking his usual gang of cartoonists on an annual tour. Daryl, with words and pictures, details this Fall in Paris.




The Vermont Class of Cartooning

What is it about Vermont that has made it one of the most creative centers for the cartoon arts in the United States?

Michael F. Epstein profiles three Vermont cartoonists: Alison Bechdel, Ed Koren, and Jason Lutes.




Another Letter to the Editor about Doonesbury

Even though I am a very senior adult, I still enjoy reading the comics section every Sunday. Perhaps it’s a habit from my childhood, or it may be just that a lighter moment is appreciated after digesting the “news.”

However, reading the “Doonesbury” strip in the Dec. 2 comics certainly didn’t provide that lighter moment.

Think of the children says Hendersonville reader about Sunday’s Doonesbury.




I speak for many readers of your liberal rag

One cartoonist, Drew Sheneman, particularly irks me. For months upon months we have had the unfortunate opportunity to view cartoons that are so badly drawn and politically inaccurate. It is only due to the Trump economy that Sheneman has a job.

Lopatcong Township reader wants paper to recognize President Trump’s triumphs.




Beyond my Knowledge

Reed Brennan announcement:


Please be advised that King Features Syndicate (KFS) is ending its distribution relationship with Quad Graphics (formerly known as Vertis and American Color) effective December 31, 2018.

Distribution of all KFS and North America Syndication copyrighted Sunday features previously handled by Quad Graphics will be conducted by Reed Brennan Media Associates.

If you currently download King Features Syndicate and/or North America Syndicate content from Quad Graphics at, we will need to switch your access to or to by December 31, 2018.

If you have questions or need assistance in switching your delivery, please contact our Customer Services Team by email at or by phone at 407-894-7300 Ext 236.

Thank you.

I’m guessing that King Features Syndicate had allowed some outsourcing but that it will now end.




Masterpieces from the Museum of Cartoon Art Exhibit

Greenwich, CT – Opening on January 26, 2019 at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Masterpieces from the Museum of Cartoon Art will showcase more than 100 original works celebrating the history of this unique art form in America. Among the many items on display will be an early editorial cartoon by Thomas Nast, a spectacular Prince Valiant Sunday page by Hal Foster, and a witty New Yorker gag by Peter Arno, as well as classic PeanutsDoonesbury, and Calvin and Hobbes comic strips.

Brian Walker, a former director of the Museum of Cartoon Art, who has been responsible for more than 70 cartoon exhibitions, is serving as guest curator.

Special programming will include a lecture at the Bruce on February 18, Breaking Into the Boys Club: A Whirlwind History of Women and Cartooning, by Jenny Robb, Curator and Associate Professor at the Billy Ireland, and a panel tribute to the Golden Age of Cartooning in Connecticut with Cullen Murphy, Chance Browne, Brian, Greg, and Neal Walker on March 7.

Story at the HamletHub, from the middle of Cartoon County.

January 26, 2019 – April 20, 2019

Bruce Museum
1 Museum Drive
Greenwich, CT 06830-7157

The Bruce Museum’s page.




On the other coast: Pantomime Peanuts exhibit

Without Words, a new exhibition at the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center, explores Schulz’s pantomime comics and the artful techniques Schulz employed when telling stories using illustration alone. On view in the museum’s Strip Rotation Gallery from Dec. 5 through May 20, 2019, the exhibition features 70 original comic strips—all created without dialogue—including several exhibited for the first time. A selection of doodles and sketches also provides a rare glimpse into the cartoonist’s process.

“Even without dialogue, these strips build emotional stories.”

The Lake County Record-Bee informs.

The Charles M. Schulz Museum page.

Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center
2301 Hardies Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95403