Letters to the Editor: Comics Edition

Hey, TDC readers! It’s time for another roundup of comics-related letters to the editor from around the continent.

From the Fairfield (Calif.) Daily Republic a reader writes to lament the loss of “the best” comic strips and lets the paper know comics are the “main reason” he subscribes. Click here for letter.

A reader of the Topeka (Kan.) Capital-Journal  takes issues with the December 5th installment of Vic Lee’s “Pardon My Planet.” Click here for letter.

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer has an unhappy comics reader who questions the decision-making process of the editors. Click here for letter. Actually there are two letters to the editor in Cleveland. Read the 2nd one here.

A letter to the editors of The Grand Junction (Colo.) Sentinel complains of too many liberal voices on the editorial pages that bash Trump. Click here (and scroll down) to read the letter.

Then there’s some nice praise for Bruce McKinnon (up north and east) from a reader of The Chronicle Herald in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Click here to read (and scroll down.)