The Garry Trudeau Chronicles


CBS Sunday Morning’s Sunday Profile for December 2, 2018
is Jane Pauley interviewing cartoonist Garry Trudeau.

Garry Trudeau and Jane Pauley are, of course, husband and wife.

After the intro to the piece a face to face interview starts off a bit awkward but quickly gets into the high points of Garry’s career and the Doonesbury comic strip.

The less-than-10-minute segment is available at CBS News.

But was it his dream come true? “It was not!” he laughed. “It was more or less an accidental career. It didn’t seem to me that I was going to be bound to this thing for any, you know, extensive period of my life. And now here it is, 50 years later.”

An edited transcript of the profile is also available from CBS.

“That was one of my very first ‘Bull Tales,'” Trudeau said to his wife, “Sunday Morning” host Jane Pauley. “Oh, it just makes me cringe to look at this stuff.”


A couple things –

Of late, and throughout the lead up to this, he has been called “Garry Trudeau,” and so I have continued that. But it is very strange for me not to refer to him as “Garry B. Trudeau,” or “GB Trudeau.”
When did they drop the “B.”?

Also: naturally it is mentioned that Garry B. Trudeau and Doonesbury won The Pulitzer Prize in 1975, a first for a comic strip. But Doonesbury fans also got a prize that year with the release of The Doonesbury Chronicles. It had to be the best “comic book” of 1975.






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  1. One day I was sitting in my high school library when I heard this other kid laughing out loud at the book he was reading. He kept laughing, so I paid attention to where he put the book back on the shelf when he left so I could find out what he thought was so funny. It was Doonesbury Chronicles, and I’ve been laughing at Doonesbury ever since.

    Trudeau should also be in the Advertising Hall of Fame for inventing product placement by having his characters drink Coors.

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