Nancy Ohanian Wins 2018 Berryman Award


Missed from earlier this month.

Syndicated cartoonist Nancy Ohanian has won the National Press Foundation’s Clifford K. and James T. Berryman Award for Editorial Cartoons.

Ohanian will be honored at the National Press Foundation’s annual journalism awards dinner on Feb. 13, 2019.

In what is really a bit of understatement the NPF judges said:

“Nancy Ohanian’s work is a masterful exercise in composition. Her powerful images exhibit a high degree of technical skill, creating unforgettable visual satire.”

Nancy joins an impressive assembly of Berryman Award winners that includes Signe Wilkinson, Rex Babin, Ann Telnaes, and recent honorees such as KAL, Darrin Bell, and Rob Rogers.

The Berryman Award is open to U.S.-based editorial cartoonists for work that exhibits power to influence public opinion, plus good drawing and striking effect.


I not only missed the announcement, I have somehow missed Nancy’s work.

Nancy Ohanian’s homepage is a treasury trove of wonderful art commentary. Some funny, some poignant, all very good cartoons in her unique style! A truly enjoyable scroll through her recent efforts.


Then, for dessert, I checked out her pen and ink illustrations: