Having Faith in Gasoline Alley


This coming weekend Gasoline Alley will celebrate its 100th anniversary, having first appeared November 24, 1918 in the Saturday edition of The Chicago Sunday Tribune.

The writer-artist behind the ongoing strip today is Jim Scancarelli of Charlotte, N.C.
He is just the fourth cartoonist to [sign] the comic.


The North Michigan Christian Voice talks to Jim Scancarelli about his time on the strip
and how his religious faith has influenced story lines.


In one of Scancarelli’s stories, a con man and his wife pass themselves off as a guest preacher and wife, while the real pastor is out of town. As his wife is packing up the pastor’s belongings to take off with them, the con man notices a Bible and reads it for the first time.

Come Sunday, the con man is a changed man and preaches an amazing sermon.
Soon after, he announces he has decided to go to seminary.


I’m guessing there will be more stories about Gasoline Alley’s 100th,  but not many taking this path.