100 Years Ago Today: Armistice!



Paul Berge celebrates the end of The War to End All Wars
with a selection of editorial cartoons from 100 years ago.

The End was the beginning of cleaning up the mess.
Or as Paul puts it: “every party needs its pooper.”



Paul has done an incredible job of following the First World War for years.
From its inception to major battles and events to the U.S.’s formal entry into the conflict.



Mirroring the times of 100 years before, Paul started slow but gained steam.
As momentum for the U.S. to fight increased so does Paul’s coverage.

He follows the The War through the eyes of America’s (and foreign) cartoonists,
noting those for and against the United States joining the fray,
and the passing of sedition laws and other censoring of the people and the press.



This whole feature of Paul’s blog would have made a must-buy book for the centennial of WWI.
That didn’t happen, instead we have this contemporaneous view of the times through cartoonist’s eyes
with Paul’s commentary putting it in context.



Here is Paul Berge’s Cartoon History of World War I blog entries.


Tune in again next week for a look at what European cartoonists were up to
in the immediate aftermath of the war.