Mike Thompson – 20 Years at The Freep

Friday marks 20 years since I first walked into the front door of the Detroit Free Press as the new political cartoonist for the premier news organization in the most interesting news town in America. And this city and state has never left me wanting for topics for my pen.

Mike Thompson muses over 20 years at the Detroit Free Press.



Alabama Cartoonist takes on the Trump’s Alabama Boy

Jeff Sessions went from Alabama Lawmaker to Trump Lawman.

Alabama cartoonist J.D. Crowe looks back on the past 20 months.



An Alphabetic Primer on the Trump Presidency

Early this fall, some of my friends among local political cartoonists started telling me that they had a piece in a new book. Author John Darrin commissioned over a score of cartoonists to illustrate Who’s That Man with Mr. Lincoln, Mommy? A Parent’s Guide to the Trump Presidency.

How did you find [the cartoonist collaborators]?

Lots of research and queries. Lists like Pulitzer and Herblock prize winners, the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, and different cartoon syndicators. Then lots of correspondence to sell the concept.

Did anyone turn you down?

Yes, lots of rejections. It turns out these guys are not sitting around waiting for someone like me to contact them, but actually have jobs and commitments. Who knew? The ones who accepted generally were excited by the concept and the chance to work with the other cartoonists.

Mike Rhode interviews John Darrin about his anti-Trump cartoon book.



What’s It to You? by Milton Caniff

King Features Syndicate editor Sylvan Byck’s special project
“American Newspapers — 200 Years of Freedom — 1770 to 1970”

Hat tip to Anthony Tollin.



*Hat tip to Jim Ivey