The New Alley Oop Returns January 7, 2019


The audio interview with new Alley Oop creators Joey Alison Sayers and Jonathan Lemon at Tall Tale Radio includes a number of reveals – one is that their new Alley Oop comic strips will begin Monday January 7, 2019.


above: Jonathan Lemon’s model sheet for Alley Oop via the New York Times


As Andrews McMeel has stated,

Oakland resident Joey Alison Sayers will be writing the comic,
while San Franciscan Jonathan Lemon will handle the art.

Jonathan, in the Tall Tale Radio interview, said the Sunday “Li’l Oop,” Alley as a preteen, will have a different art style than the daily. He will also continue his Rabbits Against Magic strip, hoping his recent switch to digital drawing will enable him to avoid deadline pressures.

Joey is hoping to keep months ahead on Alley Oop, as she tries to do with her Joey Alison Sayers Comics, a luxury not afforded with her current event comix at The Nib.

Much more at the interview linked above where Joey and Jonathan discuss their new experience of collaborating, creating “a new chapter” in the 85 year history of Alley Oop, how they came to be hired for the project (comparing Andrews McMeel honcho John Glynn favorably to Jay Kennedy, high praise indeed), and how they will approach  the revitalization (allowed a free hand “as long as the characters are recognizable”).