Keith Knight’s Life Goes Hollywood

Cartoonist Keith Knight‘s life is set to be a pilot, and possible series, for Hulu.

Titled Woke, the half-hour, single-camera comedy revolves around an African-American cartoonist who is on the cusp of mainstream success when his mild comics take a decidedly provocative tone following a run-in with police. Now, Keef is in an irreversible state of “woke” as he struggles to navigate his day-to-day existence — without blowing up everything he’s built — while animated objects invade his reality.



Keith has been presenting portions of his life to the world at large in his semi-autobiographical comics The K Chronicles, The Knight Life, and (Th)ink.

The potential series will be a combination of live-action with animated sequences. Knight will pen the script alongside Marshall Todd (2002’s Barbershop).

Lemone Morris is slated to star as Keef.



Woke arrives as animated fare continues to be among the most-streamed original and acquired content on outlets like Hulu and Netflix. Both companies are making major pushes in the space, with Woke having both a timely live-action story and ability to woo the animation crowd as well.

More details at The Hollywood Reporter.



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  1. I can find nothing about the animators or animation studio. Maybe in January when production starts on the pilot.

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