Cartoon Collections – New Cartoon Licensing Firm

Bob Mankoff is about to launch Cartoon Collections, a new website which will house Mankoff pieces and other material from famed sources including The New Yorker, Esquire, Playboy, National Lampoon and many more.

Cartoon Collection will be the largest digital collection of licenseable cartoons in the world.



Bob Mankoff on his new concern versus Cartoon Bank, which he created over 25 years ago:

“My new venture is very similar to in structure (they both seek to license cartoons in all kinds of media), but differs in a number of ways. The first, and most important perhaps is that works and doesn’t. That’s a harsh statement but true. It’s almost impossible to license a cartoon on because of cost-cutting and a revolving door of execs who had no feel for cartoon humor and how to monetize it. Quite simply I’ve created in the first place to do right what is doing wrong. And then do it better than it ever did by adding collections of cartoons beyond that of The New Yorker such as Esquire and The National Lampoon. We’re starting off with around 20,000 cartoons and a year from now should have over six-hundred thousand on every conceivable subject for every conceivable use.”



Bob spoke to Rachel Weingarten at Ladders about his new adventure and about humor.

“At this point, most people in the field of humor and cartoons know what I’ve done but not all of them know that I’m far from done.”

Bob also talked to Megan Cerullo of the New York Daily News ahead of the site’s Nov. 1 launch:

“Its objective is to help support the field of cartooning by generating reasonable, sustainable revenues for cartoonists.”


The list of cartoonists whose work is available from Cartoon Collections is too long for this post,
but they are listed at the site.





One thought on “Cartoon Collections – New Cartoon Licensing Firm

  1. All right, Bob! I hope it’s fantastically successful. I remember your telling me over dinner one night about your revolutionary idea for the Cartoon Bank, and telling you, “This is a great idea and I’m sure it’s going to work” (something I rarely feel about new ideas).

    And I hope that you put my favorite cartoon in there: “If these walls could talk, and if these walls knew what was good for them . . .”


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