Cartoonists’ Comic Strip Autobiographies

In 1948 Collier’s started a brief series of comic strip cartoonists presenting their life story to the magazine’s readers. The individual entries occupied one three column page, one column of text with the other two columns filled with autobiographical comic strips. Presented below are the comics.
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Nancy and Me by Ernie Bushmiller


Joe Palooka and Me by Ham Fisher


Steve Canyon and Me by Milton Caniff


Dick Tracy and Me by Chester Gould


Mary Worth and Us by Ken Ernst and Allen Saunders


Penny and Me by Harry Haenigsen


Alley Oop and Me by V. T. Hamlin


Moon Mullins and Me by Frank Willard


The Collier’s pages are currently available on eBay, where these images came from.

Hat tip to Don Maris and Sunday Newspaper Comics 1890 – 1950 Facebook page for the heads up.





5 thoughts on “Cartoonists’ Comic Strip Autobiographies

  1. Great article! I went over to GoComics and mentioned it at the Dick Tracy, Alley Oop, and Nancy pages. Because it was either that or do my exercises.

  2. These are great!

    Ernie Bushmiller fudged a bit when he made it look like he created “Fritzi”. It was Larry Whittington who created it; Bushmiller took over 3 years later.

    Which I guess means that, technically, “Nancy” has been a zombie strip for most of its run, since Bushmiller didn’t originate Fritzi Ritz.

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