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Stan Mack’s Comic Strip Letter to the Editor

Cartoonist Stan Mack responded to a New York Times piece with an illustrated letter of comment or, as the N. Y. Times is calling it, a “comic strip to the editor.”


Community Comments

#1 Paul Berge
@ 11:50 am

I guess the NYT thought the price was right.

#2 Mike Peterson
@ 4:00 pm

Two very separate thoughts:

My dad used to joke that he “captured an entire Hungarian division,” but, in more serious moments, he said that what he really did was encounter a pathetic group of old men and little boys, disarmed but unfed, and directed them to keep marching to the rear.

And I had a constant critic who wrote me vicious letters when I was writing educational pieces about history and current events. Over time, I learned his father had been a German killed in the war, he had survived Dresden, his mother had married a Yank and brought him here. He was an unreconstructed Nazi, but I felt a little sorry for him. On the other hand, he was one toxic SOB..

We’re gonna have a lot of cleaning up to do when this is all over.

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