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Jules Feiffer’s American Follies – new comic strip

Jules Feiffer has signed on to do a regular monthly comic strip for Tablet Magazine.

Well, maybe not just a comic strip, maybe essays or a play or…

It is my pleasure to announce, on behalf of the editors, a new feature at Tablet magazine, which will consist, beginning today, of regular contributions by Jules Feiffer. The editors have not told me what these contributions will be, and neither has Feiffer. I am in the dark. And yet, I know, and everyone knows, and the cosmos agrees, that his contributions will be brilliant. It will be a matter of exquisite ink lines. There will be humor. The dialogue will be pitched to a human voice. I trust that, politically speaking, he will do his best to overthrow the government.

Will he do this by drawing cartoons? It could well be so, though for all I know, he may write a play, or a screenplay, or a serial graphic novel. If he composes sermons, they will be OK with me.

Let’s just say Tablet magazine, a daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and culture, has given Jules a page to do with whatever he wants. What he wanted to do with the debut was a comic strip.

Read Paul Berman’s introduction of Jules to the Tablet readers (fragment above),

then read and bookmark Jules’ newest comic strip Jules Feiffer’s American Follies (fragment above).




Community Comments

#1 James Cassara
@ 6:13 am

Jules Feiffer is a national treasure. So glad to see 90 years has only sharpened his acerbic wit and keen ear for dialogue.

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