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Never Was Comic Strips – Annie’s Li’l Orphans

Annie’s Li’l Orphans
by Stan Drake and Bill Yates

Around the early 1970s(?) bigfoot partnered with
realistic to produce a strange hybrid comic strip.

Annie, drawn by Stan Drake, was a counselor at
Wanderland Orphanage, whose kids were drawn by Bill Yates.



According to Bill Yates’ introduction to the strip
Stan Drake drew Annie using a model and helped write/gag the strip



while Bill Yates did the cartoon kids and the backgrounds and was the main gagman/writer.


Coollinesartwork has a selection of dailies from the syndicate submission.


The above have Stan Drake partnered with Dik Browne.
Were these the original ideas? Did Drake take this concept to Yates because Browne was too busy?




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Anyone else getting flashbacks to Mickey Mouse Secret Agent?

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