Angelic Twaddle for a Sunday Morning

“I don’t think we spend enough time on earth thinking about heaven.”

In 2011, Louis Hall prayed for a way to use his artwork to reinforce the Gospel with young people. What came was the cartoon panel Angelic Twaddle featuring guardian angels.

Hall seeks to create unique comics that are light hearted (“twaddle” means “silly talk or writing”) and playful, but he also aims to address young people’s questions about Jesus, suffering, science and freedom, Hall said. Some comics imagine the role of angels in actual events, such as the 1981 attempt to assassinate St. John Paul II. Others touch on relevant topics, including video games and dating.

The Catholic Spirit features Louis Hall in a reverent article.

An archive of Angelic Twaddle is here.



You Got to Go Through Hell to Get to Heaven.

Last week, I ripped apart the last known copy of a cartoon book more than half a century old.

Nat Gertler and his About Comics specialize in reacquainting the modern world with little known classics of comic art and more.

In order to reproduce the 1962 book Jeremiah the Friar by Frank Evers Nat had to destroy it.

I wanted to reprint this book, to make it available so that others could enjoy it. Sometimes I can reprint a book from a printed copy without major damage to the book, other times I just have to crack the book’s spine enough to get it flat on the scanner, but in this case, that wasn’t going to work. The artwork went too far into the inside gutters of the book. The only way to get the art flat to scan it would be to tear the book apart.

Nat discusses the process of recreation at






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  1. Thanks for posting “Angelic Twaddle for a Sunday Morning” it reflects well on Andrews McMeel Universal mission of supporting unique and fresh voices :). BTW, I’m a big fan of Prince valiant and enjoyed the Title panels.

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