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JD Crowe wins Rex Babin Memorial Award for Local Cartooning

“For decades, JD Crowe has been drawing fresh, original, pungent, brutal, and thought-provoking local cartoons. He is universally respected by his peers for his work.”

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists announced the awarding and profiles the “moderately disturbed dorky cartoonist”

(The profile does not mention his Crowe’s Feats, Wired, or No Huddle newspaper comics.)



Bill Terian and The Armenian Weekly, a Match Made in Massachusetts

[W]hen The Armenian Weekly put out a call for contributors earlier this year, [Bill] was eager to lend his talents not with words, but with pictures.

“They were really looking for journalists,” he told me. “But I thought, you know, I’m going to go ahead and call. Maybe I could just make myself available.”

Bill has since contributed a number of political and topical cartoons, as well as more stationary elements, like mastheads for columnists, on a regular basis.

Cartoonist and illustrator Bill Terian is working for The Armenian Weekly, some background and an interview.



Marshall Ramsey Answers Your Questions

Why don’t you draw cartoons I agree with?
Why do you draw cars with tiny wheels?
Why are your cartoons biased?
Why won’t you argue with me on social media?
How can you say [you love Mississippi] if you draw mean cartoons about Mississippi?


Since December 17, 1996, I’ve served as your friendly neighborhood editorial cartoonist. In that time, I’ve drawn over 6,000 cartoons for the Clarion Ledger. And, I’ve also been asked a gaggle of questions. Here are a few of them…

Marshall Ramsey answers some readers’ questions, those above and more.



Seriously Funny: Caricature Through the Centuries

The president’s never-ending battles with the media are reported on the news every day. But if he thinks he invented the concept of “fake news,” he is wrong. For centuries, the powerful have relentlessly perpetrated the fiction that everything journalists report about them is a lie, in words or in pictures.

Daumier, Grandville, Gillray, Hogarth, and more from political caricatures’ past presented in two exhibits at Yale.



Noting a Change

From Reed Brennan:

King Features Syndicate has announced that the Best & Wittiest editorial cartoon package has been renamed Drawn to Politics effective Sept. 10. You’ll still be able to find the cartoons in the Best & Wittiest folder for the next two weeks. On Sept. 24, the folder name will change to Drawn to Politics.

Drawn to Politics/Best & Wittiest is

A weekly package of at least 25 timely and thought-provoking editorial cartoons, of varied styles and views,  from such award-winning editorial cartoonists as Brian Duffy, David Hitch, Glenn Foden, Jeff Koterba, Jimmy Margulies, John Branch, Kirk Walters, and Lee Judge (and recently added Darrin Bell).



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