Crossing Continents and Borders to Reach America (and the AAEC Convention)

Canadian political cartoonist Michael de Adder will be traveling from east to west and from north to south to enter a country whose leader considers him to be an enemy of the people.

Michael de Adder, a prize-winning freelancer who sells his stuff to The Chronicle Herald and other newspapers and whose editorial cartoons are syndicated throughout North America, will soon be talking shop with cartoonists from Canada and the United States at a convention in California.

They’ll be attending the event in Sacramento from Sept. 20 to 23. Delegates will be there from the Association of Canadian Cartoonists and Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.

The Halifax Chronicle Herald takes a look at de Adder and editorial cartooning. They note that this isn’t Michael’s first association with the AAEC:

Once in a while, a cartoonist might submit a depiction that prompts this sort of publish-or-not response from an editor: “Uh, no.”

De Adder’s cartoon illustrating the election of Pope Benedict went unpublished after his editor found it too controversial. His drawing, though, won an Association of American Editorial Cartoonists award for the best cartoon spiked by an editor in 2006.

Accompanying de Adder will be Wes Tyrell, Graeme McKay, Terry Mosher, and others from the Great White North (hmmm, you’d think Trump would like those people).


Others are also entering the United States. Mike Luckovich mentioned here that Pedro X. Molina is hoping to cross the border from the south before The Wall is built.

Pedro will be honored by the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists with the 2018 Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award in Sacramento, California.


Others have built a raft large enough to accommodate a group and plan to float from west to east across an ocean and an international dateline.

Rod Emmerson, Nigel Buchanan, Sharon Murdoch, and Toby Morris are among the New Zealanders making that trip. They Coming to America!



Of course some natives will also be at The Convention. Among them: Pat Bagley and Jack Ohman, Matt Bors and Brian Fies, Rob Rogers and Ward Sutton.

Probably feeling like a foreigner among all the old farts will be youngster Charis Jackson Barrios, this year’s recipient of The John Locher Memorial Award.

Some highlights of the 2018 AAEC Convention.

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