Monday Funday

Happy anniversary Leroy and Loretta

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary for The Lockhorns, debuting September 9, 1968.

But today’s panel seems to be celebrating the occasion.



Mars Landing

After years of training and traveling…

Safe Havens has a (not quite man) landing on the moon.



Comic Strip Within a Comic Strip

Perhaps most famously would be Al Capp’s Fearless Fosdick.

Today Tom Batuik brings back Sophmoric Sightings.



Gasoline Alley is Not Alone in Presenting Guest Characters

Argyle Sweater features a familiar family.


Lio riffs on a familiar situation.



La Cucaracha guests the same character.

La Cucaracha was my favorite comic strip of the day. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Lalo Alcaraz had held it off for a month and put it out on October 2. That would have been that anniversary of Peanuts debut strip in 1950. And, unfortunately, it’s not that it wouldn’t have been topical a month from now.

The (colorized) first Peanuts strip.



For Those Who Came In Late

The daily only Mandrake the Magician (reruns) has been summarizing the past couple days.



Sand Blasting

That looks to be quite a deadly storm in the second panel of Edge of Adventure.



And Finally…

Someone (Tiggum) messed with today’s Mary Worth.