The Aberdeen (S.D.) News Welcomes King’s ‘Macanudo’

King Features is launching “Macanudo” this month from Argentinian cartoonist and recent Eisner-award winner Ricardo “Liniers” Siri. It’s unclear from King’s release what day in September it is launching.

One of the launch clients appears to be The Aberdeen News in Aberdeen, South Dakota. They’ve done a welcoming article here (with paywall, unfortunately).



Today (September 4) King Features has put up a Macanudo spot on their Comics Kingdom site.


and also on the King Features Syndicate site.



4 thoughts on “The Aberdeen (S.D.) News Welcomes King’s ‘Macanudo’

  1. The September 10 date comes from a King Features post congratulating Liniers on winning awards at this past San Diego Comic-Con®™©: “His Macanudo comic strip debuts with an original run of daily strips and color Sundays beginning Sept. 10, 2018.”

    But it seems to me the editor of the newspaper would already have the September 9 Sunday comics section at hand (or on his loading dock anyway). No?

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