Paul Carlson – RIP

Animator/cartoonist Paul Carlson has passed away.


DECEMBER 27, 1932 – AUGUST 22, 2018

Paul got his start in the animation business at the Walt Disney studio on Lady and the Tramp, filling in the drawings between the animator’s key drawings, a position known in industry parlance as an inbetweener.  He contributed to Frank Thomas’s fondly remembered scene of Lady and Tramp eating spaghetti-Frank’s ace cleanup artist, Dale Oliver, did the key drawings, the future color stylist for 101 Dalmatians, Walt Peregoy, did the breakdown drawings and Paul followed them all up doing the inbetweens.

Paul spent the better part of his career on the production side of things at Disney and UPA studios.

He…assist[ed] Hank Saperstein and handl[ed] all the commercial needs for Mr. Magoo under his own shingle of Paul Carlson Cartoons.


Paul was asked to design the mascot for the Baltimore Orioles and his cartoon bird was used by the team from 1966 until 1993.


The bits and images of Paul’s life are taken from a 2011 profile.