Mendota Marsh – new comic strip by Phil Hands

Phil Hands, the editorial cartoonist for the Wisconsin State Journal, has created a local comic strip for that newspaper.

I’m launching a new weekly comic strip in the Wisconsin State Journal that will appear on the bottom of the Sunday Opinion page. The first two strips are running today. So, welcome to Mendota Marsh.

Mendota Marsh will celebrate what makes Madison [Wisconsin] amazing and poke fun at our peculiar foibles. The main characters of the strip might seem slightly familiar to the regular readers of my political cartoons (or anybody who has been around Madison for awhile).


As noted above in Phil’s introduction and as seen in the above debut sample, the comic strip will appear on the Sunday opinion page and will be highlighting local politics.

More about Mendota Marsh from Phil:

Lewis Crane is a Madison-area native inspired in part by the pony-tailed hippy guy who has appeared in many of my cartoons over the years. Lewis is politically correct, socially conscious and not afraid to tell you that. Sure, he’s snooty and misses the good old days before Madison was ruined by developers, but his heart is in the right place.

Lewis’ companion, Oscar Fox, is a younger new arrival to the area inspired in part by all the hip young people who have been moving to Madison to work in our burgeoning technology sector. Oscar is completely cool and trendy, has a passion for craft food and drink, and likes to rib the out-of-touch old timers. Sure, he’s insufferable and clueless about the way the world actually works, but he means well.

Phil’s full article introducing his new comic strip and laying out his bona fides

I moved to Madison in 2005. So while I’m not an old-timer by any stretch of the imagination, I’ve been here longer than most of these darn kids.

can be read at the Wisconsin State Journal site, where the second strip is also available.


by Phil Hands
August 26, 2018 –
weekly strip
Wisconsin State Journal


Some explanation of the Mendota Marsh title.

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