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Letter to Editor in Lincoln (Neb.) not Happy with Comic Violence

A letter in today’s Lincoln (Neb.) Journal Star took issue with the violence portrayed in the August 5th installment of “Hagar the Horrible.”

From the letter:

Society should be campaigning on behalf of everyone — whether young or old, female or male — making it clear that abuse to any degree toward anyone should never be treated lightly.

It is not comedy.


Community Comments

#1 "Ski" S.
@ 4:31 pm

Are you kidding me?! It’s a comic strip. A well known long time comic strip known for its silly humor and gags. Stop trying to make it into something that’s it’s not. Stop with all this society correctness. Whoever wrote that letter or article is just trying to stir things up and probably has never even read a comic strip in their life. It’s just ridiculous.

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