Today’s Sunday Funnies (Aug. 19)

Minit Mysteries

Just noting that Dick Tracy started the 15 day Minit Mystery today.

The above may partially explain why, since last month, Chuck Ayers has returned as artist of Funky Winkerbean, replacing Rick Burchett.



Violence in the Funny Pages

I’m guessing if this keeps up, groups will start popping up objecting to the comics corrupting our youth and turning them to a life of delinquency.

This week The Phantom is shooting and being run down, there’s a spearing in Prince Valiant, and, from last week, a shooting death in Dick Tracy. I’m sure we will soon see the revival of The League for the Improvement of the Children’s Comic Supplement.



Nancy Half Page?

GoComics, since Olivia James took over earlier this year, has put up the Nancy strip in a tab (or ¼ page) format. I had assumed that was how it was now drawn. But today I, and a couple commenters, noticed Olivia had it as a half-pager in her meta-comic. Why are we not getting the Sunday drop panel?



Special Guest Star

Billy and the dotted line concept appear in today’s Dustin. In a bit of synchronicity (or was it planned?) today’s Family Circus also features The Wanderings of Billy.

Elsewhere there’s a guest star in Thatababy.



Appreciate the Effort

I like the effort Paul Gilligan put into those middle panel zebras in Pooch Cafe.

And appreciate the art and color in today’s Rose is Rose.

Also the Sunday continuity and dinosaurs in this month’s Prickly City.

Oh – and the black troll in Kevin and Kell.