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Couple Celebrates 60th Anniversary in Rex Morgan

Ron and Shirley met in 1957, in 1958 they became Mr. and Mrs. Bugos. They are longtime fans of  Rex Morgan, M.D., and the current creator of the feature Terry Beatty helped them celebrate their 60 anniversary in the comic strip.

With their 60th anniversary approaching, the Bugos’s five children and 17 grandchildren wanted an appropriate commemoration. So son Glenn contacted Beatty about doing a mock panel featuring the couple.

“Knowing I had the Buck and Mindy Las Vegas wedding sequence coming up, I knew I’d be drawing some sort of crowd scene for their wedding reception and figured why not put these long-time fans into the strip?” he said. “I ran that notion past Glenn, who was thrilled by the idea and supplied a reference photo.

[Terry] wants to make clear, though, that this was a one-time gesture to extraordinary fans.

“I’m not going to be drawing just anybody who asks into the strip,” he said. “So please, folks, no requests.”

The full story is at the Knoxville News Sentinel.

The full August 14, 2018 Rex Morgan strip can be read at Comics Kingdom.

Don’t know if Ron and Shirley’s impetuous marriage will last, getting wed a year after meeting?! After all, it took Rex and June 47 years to get married once we met them in 1948.

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