John Blair Moore – RIP

Cartoonist John Blair Moore has passed away.

1948 – AUGUST 5, 2018

From John’s autobiography:

Born in Tibet in the 1880’s, John Blair Moore was raised by a family of iternant(sic) Yak herders high in the Himalayas, where he spent years perfecting his skills in animation and narrative cartoon strips.

Unfortunately, being about forty years ahead of his time was no advantage, because neither of these art forms had been invented yet and their was no place to ply his trade in Lhasa.

Tibet U. Graduation, Class of ’02

Discouraged but not undaunted, he started all over again in 1948, only to find that the Golden Age of animation and newspaper comics was about over. From that time until now, he has worked assiduously to convince the world he should be paid for drawing funny pictures.

Around 1990 John started producing comic books of Disney characters and his own characters. Disney had been a reliable employer ever since.

He took his own character, seen above top, and created a comic strip for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“Virtual Reality” ran during the 1990s. John has posted some of the strips.
Jerry Bails’ Who’s Who has John working with the Post-Dispatch from 1990 to 1994.

John’s humor survived through the years and early in 2017 he put it to use in a political cartoon about the newly elected president.

“Live Bait – The Chronicles of Drumf” was an online strip. It started as a weekly and became a five-day-a-week project on John’s Facebook page.


Surfing John Blair Moore’s site is a pleasant and humorous experience.