A Short List of Quick Hits

Gary Varvel in the Public Square

Gary Varvel is the guest on this weekend’s Story in the Public Square.

Editorial cartoonists use illustration to offer a different perspective on the news and in doing so they challenge us to think in new ways. Gary Varvel brings a conservative perspective to his cartoons for the IndyStar.

Story in the Public Square airs on Rhode Island PBS in Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts on Sundays at 11 a.m.
More from The Providence Journal, where you can see an animation of Gary caricaturing the hosts of the show.



Historical Humor

The National Art Gallery has set up a Sense of Humor exhibit to the end of this year.

Humor may be fundamental to human experience, but its expression in painting and sculpture has been limited. Instead, prints, as the most widely distributed medium, and drawings, as the most private, have been the natural vehicles for comic content.



Crossing the Delaware Swamp

As Vice President Mike Pence embraces an American flag, National Security Advisor John Bolton cradles a rifle and press secretary Sarah Sanders and other members of the Trump administration row a boat through gator-infested waters, with President Donald Trump clutching a lantern as the tightly-packed vessel moves past the U.S. Capitol.

Homage? Satire? I’m not sure, but artist Jon McNaughton has put it out there.



RFK on the Mindless Menace of Violence

Zen Pencils illustrates inspirational quotes, this installment is from Robert F. Kennedy.

That and others are available as posters.