Benson Srere – RIP

Former King Features executive Benson Srere  has passed away.

Benson Mortimer Srere
August 13, 1928 – July 20, 2018

After serving as a U.P. newsman during the years surrounding the Korean War Benson joined the Hearst organization in the mid-1950s and began his climb up the corporate ladder.

Benson’s Prabook career details:

Newsman U.P., Los Angeles, 1948-1956. Associate editor Good Housekeeping magazine, New York City, 1956-1959, senior editor, 1959-1967, assistant managing editor, director special publications division, 1967-1968, managing editor, 1968-1972, executive editor, vice president, 1972-1975, vice president, editorial director, 1975-1976. Vice president, general manager King Features Syndicate, 1976-1981.

Vice president Hearst Metrotone News, 1976-1981. Executive assistant to president Hearst Corporation, since 1981, vice president, 1983-1994. Director Hearst/ABC Video Services, Hearst/ABC Viacom Entertainment Services, A&E Cable Network, Lifetime Cable Network, 1980-1994.


Benson’s name came up in a 1977 Cartoonist PROfiles interview with Mort Walker on the occasion of King Features Syndicate releasing the Sam and Silo comic strip:



The 1977 Sam and Silo introductory strip via the Stripper’s Guide: