Daily Cartoonist Welcomes Mike Peterson’s ‘Comic Strip of the Day’

We’re tickled to welcome long-time newspaperman and comics’ journalist Mike Peterson to the Daily Cartoonist team. Mike has owned and operated the erudite and whimsical “Comic Strip of the Day” blog for the last eight and a half years and has a vast and passionate knowledge of the art form.

Here’s Mike’s “mission statement” from the CSotD blog:

I read some 175 or more comics a day. Each day, I post a strip or two here that made me laugh, made me think or impressed me with its artistry. It’s my hope that you’ll see some new strips here and decide to follow that artist’s work, and perhaps even to support that work by purchasing a collection of strips. But, mostly, I hope you’ll find this a place to get a laugh or share a thought each day. After all, comic strips are a very demanding art form, but the ultimate point of all that work and all those deadlines is to give readers a little pleasure each day. If you find a comic hard to read, clicking on it will open a slightly larger version. (You may find that right-clicking and opening in a new tab produces a better result.) All comics here are copyrighted by their creators. — Mike Peterson


3 thoughts on “Daily Cartoonist Welcomes Mike Peterson’s ‘Comic Strip of the Day’

  1. Love your blog Mike. I gind a lot of strips that are not on my radar through your website.

    Welcome to The Daily Cartoonist! I am looking forward to your posts. You should make this site, which is already amazing, even more awesome.

    Davy Jones
    Creator of Charmy’s Army

  2. Where on the site do I find the blog? I don’t see a link on the main page.


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