Nick Anderson: “I’m An Opinion Journalist”

“I have gotten more liberal over time, due to circumstances,” [Nick] said. “And the country has gotten more conservative as I have gotten more liberal. ”
Now, he admittedly takes on the opposition and said any good cartoonist would do the same.
“I am an opinion journalist,” he said. “Editorial cartooning is opinion journalism. I cannot think of a single editorial cartoonist that is in the middle and if he or she is, they’re totally boring and not really worth reading.”

Houston television station KTRK posts an article about former Houston Chronicle editorial cartoonist Nick Anderson, who discusses his career and his politics.


Nick further discusses the plight of editorial cartoonists on his Patreon page:

It’s the central dilemma for cartoonists today – we are probably more widely read than ever, thanks to social media. And yet, social media is killing us.