Saul Steinberg – The Man and The Art

On the occasion of a new exhibition of Saul Steinberg’s drawings, Patterson Sims, the managing director of the Saul Steinberg Foundation, spoke with The New Yorker’s art editor, Françoise Mouly, and her husband, the graphic artist and writer Art Spiegelman.


“The View of the World from 9th Avenue” image via Conde Nast



I was somewhat insecure about the idea of meeting him since I wasn’t well versed in his work, but, of course, I called him to make an appointment, saying I’d like to come to his apartment in the Upper East Side to introduce myself.

From the first day, it was like falling in love at first sight. Saul was very intent on our meetings being formal dates, so there would be a day and time decided well in advance. He dressed up; I dressed up. Not that he wore a suit, but he was a natty dresser, often wearing cashmere sweaters in colors, like yellow, salmon, or baby blue, that European men, but not so much American men, wear. I would confirm in the morning that I was coming. I was meant to arrive on time. The doorman would alert him that I was coming up, and, when I got out of the elevator, he would be standing by the open door to greet me.

From The New Yorker is Françoise Mouly and Art Spiegelman
discussing Saul Steinberg the man (Mouly) and the art (Spiegelman).