First and Last – Tarzan Comic Strip

January 7, 1929 saw the debut of the Tarzan daily comic strip featuring Edgar Rice BurroughsTarzan of the Apes as adapted by R. W. Palmer and Hal Foster.


The daily Tarzan comic strip lasted until July 29, 1972, by which time Russ Manning had been doing the strip for almost 5 years.

Most every daily in between those first and last Tarzans above can be read at the ERBzine site.



Two years after the daily start a Tarzan Sunday page began on March 15, 1931. R. W. Palmer was still scripting, Rex Maxon was the artist.


The Sunday page lasted until May 19, 2002, well after the end of the daily strip. Writer Alex Simmons and artist Erik Battle were the creative team on the last couple Sunday stories.

ERBzine has put the first few years and the last few decades of the Sunday Tarzan pages on their site.


Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. has recently began issuing comic strips based on the many characters created by E. R. Burroughs (including Tarzan) –  they are available on-line.