2018 Reuben Awards Photo Album


Courtesy of Tom Heintjes, David Folkman, and Hogan’s Alley magazine are dozens
and dozens of pictures from the 2018 National Cartoonists Society Reubens gala.




3 thoughts on “2018 Reuben Awards Photo Album

  1. I want to attend the Reubens one day. It is a huge goal of mine because I would love to meet my heroes in person… and this is the perfect setting to see so many in one setting. Unfortunately, the big comic con I appear at every year is Memorial Day Weekend… grrrrr…… I cannot miss Comicpalooza here in Houston.

    Any chance of holding the Reubens in Houston one year? If so, I can show everyone the best places for Mexican Food and BBQ…. lol….

    – Davy

  2. Davy, 2019 may be your year!
    It is my understanding that the NCS/Reuben’s Festival next year in Huntington Beach has been moved up one week from the traditional date and is for the weekend BEFORE Memorial Day Weekend: May 17-19, 2019.
    Someone correct me if I am wrong.

  3. D. D. – If the time is moved, then I better start saving up for the trip! Now watch Comicpalooza change THEIR date too…… lol…


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