Summer Reading For Kids

The Kids can’t spend their entire summer vacation in the pool (or the river), and after the morning cool wears off they got to get out of the sun, and they certainly need a break from all that video – so reading!

The Today Show and Amazon has teamed up to recommend 18 books for pre-teens, and some advice on getting the youngsters reading.

Recommendations for ages 6 – 12.


Elsewhere Charles Hatfield started a blog earlier this year reviewing and commenting on kid’s books.

At the heart of KinderComics is my enthusiasm for comics and picture books as art forms, and my critical interest in the ongoing reception, or cultural construction, of comics as a medium “for” children.

The most recent review on the KinderComics blog, as of this writing, deals with The Kurdles Adventure Magazine.


If you prefer the slimmer, floppier traditional comic books there’s the Kid’s Comics page from Diamond Distributors. Just seen The Incredibles 2? Your local kid friendly comic shop has a comic book for you.

Kid’s Comics also lets you know about age appropriate graphic novels also available.