Steve Ditko – RIP

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting the death of Steve Ditko.

Artist Steve Ditko, who co-created Spider-Man and Doctor Strange with Stan Lee, has died at age 90.
The New York Police Department confirmed his death to The Hollywood Reporter.No cause of death was announced. Ditko was found dead in his apartment on June 29 and it is believed he died about two days earlier.

November 2, 1927 – June 27(?), 2018
Comic book creator from 1953 to 2018, Steve Ditko is most famously known as the co-creator of Spider-Man and the creator of Dr. Strange. But those two characters only took up a few years of his long career. The host of creations and co-creations he was responsible for include Mr. A, The Hawk and The Dove, The Stalker, The Creeper, The Question, and many more. He worked for just about every comic book company in genres ranging from suspense and mystery to action and adventure, from super heroes to western heroes, from comedy to horror.
For Ditko, his art was all his public needed to know of him. Just before he stopped giving interviews, he told Mike Howell’s Marvel Main fanzine, “When I do a job, it’s not my personality that I’m offering the readers, but my artwork. It’s not what I’m like that counts [but] what I did and how well it was done.”