The Funny Pages – Classics

A few Hey Look comic strips by Harvey Kurtzman via The Bristol Board.


From The Saturday Evening Post comes gag cartoons by
comic strip cartoonists before they made the newspaper syndicates.


A look back at The Great Comic Switcheroo of April Fool’s Day 1997 courtesy Neil Robertson.
Above image from the instigators’ Baby Blues page.


A bunch of Polly art by Cliff Sterrett from an old Micheal Sporn post.


From 1917 (and the Internet Archive) is Fontaine Fox‘s Funny Folks (Toonerville Trolley).


As Charles Brubaker explains:

Back in the early 1980s, many newspapers used a new “comic book” format for their Sunday Comics section. They were hoping that it would get more people to buy it as “collectables” and increase their sales.

Here Charles supplies an example.
More about those Comic Strip Comic Books.


It’s Against the Law! by Dick Hyman, illustrated by Otto Soglow,
courtesy Dick Buchanan and Attempted Bloggery. part one and part two

3 thoughts on “The Funny Pages – Classics

  1. Thanks for those. Great Kurtzman stuff. Love the drawings! I’d never seen Hey Look.

    I noticed in the SEP page, that both Johnny Hart and Kurtzman on the Hey Look page used icons in their names.

    Jerry and I individually sold to the SEP, too, back in the 70s.

    And thanks for the link to the April Fools stunt. There were a lot of strips there, I’d forgotten about. Glad to see that it lives on.

  2. That April Fools switch is a thing of legends, Rick! It still lives on in certain webcomic communities, where they would do each other’s comic for that day.

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