David Horsey Returns to Seattle – update

In 2011 David Horsey left Seattle for a six year vacation in Southern California. Now, upon his return to Seattle, he finds that the city didn’t just go into hibernation mode waiting for its wayward son to return.

No, the city has changed.



Original May 24, 2018 post:

Late in 2017 Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist David Horsey disappeared from the Los Angeles Times. Now, five months later, he has returned to Seattle – with the Times there.  “Horsey and his wife, Nole Ann, recently relocated back to Seattle from LA.”

David is doing both national and local editorial cartoons for the Seattle Times.

After 30+ years with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer David spent five years with the L. A. Times (2012 – 2017). Beginning in 2018 he began datelining his cartoons Tribune Content Agency, his syndicate (?they don’t seem to be uploading his work?). Early this month (May 2) David began contributing to The Seattle Times, and has datelined his cartoons to The Seattle Times right through to today (May 24). Note that the Seattle Times introduction linked above states David “is back in Seattle as a guest cartoonist (emphasis added) for The Seattle Times.”

One thought on “David Horsey Returns to Seattle – update

  1. Welcome back David Horsey ! Takes a little time to adjust,
    BUT, isn’t retirement Great ? You still get to do what you love, but the pressure cooker has been turned off. All of
    that screaming, scalding steam has finally dissipated.
    And you are home , where you belong. Well, you really belong to the world. But enough about that. Thank you for all of your work over the years and today.

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