Other Dick Tracy News: New Minit Mystery Coming

Mike Curtis, writer of the Dick Tracy comic strip, sent a note to the Dick Tracy Depot:

The next MINIT MYSTERY is ready and now it’s two weeks long! Guest artist is RICH BURCHETT, known for his work on BATMAN, BLACKHAWK, ARCHIE, and THE JUSTICE LEAGUE. His stint on MINIT MYSTERY begins SUNDAY AUGUST 19 and ends SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 1.

Guest artist Rick Burchett is currently the regular cartoonist for Tom Batiuk’s Funky Winkerbean,
but the upcoming Minit Mystery episode is just the latest in a list of crime comic gigs for Rick.

One thought on “Other Dick Tracy News: New Minit Mystery Coming

  1. For an upcoming Minit Mystery: The artists doing the upcoming 4 issue Dick Tracy comic book miniseries from IDW due to launch in September should do the art.

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