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The Buffalo News Asks for Reader Response to Potential Comic Changes

The BN editorial team called the response “overwhelming.”

Here’s the story.

Community Comments

#1 david essman
@ 9:33 am

No newspaper should be running Peanuts reruns in 2018.

#2 Davy Jones
@ 9:45 am

I am glad to hear the response was “overwhelming” because that means people are still passionate about reading comic strips.

I would like to know how the responses were directed. Did the responses defend the removal of their beloved favorites? Or did the responses agree with the writer, demanding new talent in the comics section.

Getting syndicated is so hard. I completely understand why. The cost to market a new comic strip is much greater than the return for the syndicate. I have spent years promoting and building an audience at comic cons. I have an amazing following but understand what it took to get there financially. Luckily, I am now reaping the fruits of my labor.

I would love to see a more detailed follow up to this post. Can we get an interview with the editor posted here? I am betting that would shed a ton of light on this story.

– Davy Jones
creator of Charmy’s Army

#3 Alex Hallatt
@ 2:39 pm

Totally agree, Davy

When editors are real comics fans, they curate pages that engage all readers, not just the old guard who want nothing to ever change.

I’d like to hear the editor’s thoughts on this too.

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