Has Jim Scancarelli Returned to Gasoline Alley??!!

The Gasoline Alley comic strip has been in rerun status since November 2017. The most recent story line was rerun comic strips from May and June 2007.

above: the original June 15, 2007 comic strip and the rerun from June 13, 2018.

The 2007 story continues, for weeks, with Slim’s sleep disrupted by kids playing basketball nearby.

above: the June 16, 2007 strip following the original June 15, 2007 strip.

But in 2018 cartoonist Jim Scancarelli returns and quickly ends the story with a three day dream and awakening sequence.

above: the June 14, 2018 strip following the June 13, 2018 rerun.


On Monday June 18, 2018 cartoonist Jim Scancarelli seemingly (I can make no guarantees it is not rerun material) begins a Centennial story that could lead into the November 24, 2018 celebration of Gasoline Alley’s 100th Anniversary. (Or maybe it’s a rerun sequence from an earlier anniversary year?)

above: new(?) centennial story starts on June 18, 2018.

So – has Jim returned to Gasoline Alley with new comic strips? It appears so, but no confirmation yet.

hat tip to Joseph Nebus

Go to The Crittenden Automotive Library for the first three years of Gasoline Alley strips and panels.

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  1. One thing that’s off topic now that Jim S. is still active on Gasoline Alley at least for now: When will Lincoln Pierce decide on the fate of his Big Nate strip which has been in reruns since the start of 2018 if new Big Nate strips will resume or if the Big Nate strip is ending for good with no farewell strip like Soup to Nutz had?

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